Getting Your Individual License

Qualified individuals may apply for licensure to practice:

Please note that in all applications we will ask you to select a default mailing address.  This will be your address of record with us that we will use for correspondence.  It will also be the address released as part of an Open Records request.

Who May Apply 

This Board will accept applications for licensure from those who qualify for original licensure in Kentucky and from those who seek licensing by endorsement based on original licensure outside Kentucky.

No person shall be eligible for licensure if not of good character and reputation, if convicted of a felony within the past ten years involving violence, sexual misconduct, fraud, or deceit, or judged mentally incompetent.

Admission to practice must be determined by individual qualifications.
Kentucky law does not allow the issuance of temporary licenses to practice engineering or surveying.

Tax Compliance

Per KRS 131.1817, our Board provides information on licensees and permit holders to the Kentucky Department of Revenue for the purpose of tax compliance.  If you have questions regarding tax issues, please contact them at

Methods of Becoming Licensed 

The Kentucky Revised Statutes provide two methods by which a qualified applicant may become licensed to practice in Kentucky:
KRS 322.040 (PDF - 6K) and KRS 322.045 (PDF - 6K): Initial licensure by examination.
KRS 322.120 (PDF - 6K): Endorsement on the basis of having met requirements which are not lower than those effective in Kentucky at the date of the applicant's original licensure.
Please note that all fees are non-refundable.


Written examinations for the Principles & Practice of Engineering (including the Structural exam) and the Principles & Practice of Surveying are given each April and October. They are one day; 8 hour exams except for the Structural exam which is a two day; 16 hour exam.
The Fundamentals of Engineering and the Fundamentals of Surveying exams are computer based and 6 hours in length. They are given in January, February, April, May, July, August, October and November at Pearson VUE testing centers across the country. You may take the exam at any location. For further information please visit
Kentucky will not proctor the Principles & Practice exams for other jurisdictions nor will Kentucky candidates be allowed to sit for those exams in other jurisdictions. Candidates for the Fundamentals exams may sit at any location.
Applications for the Principles & Practice of Surveying exam must be received by January 1 for the April exam and by July 1 for the October exam. Those applying for the Principles & Practice of Engineering exam or due to three failures must do so by February 1 for the April exam and by August 1 for the October exam. There are no application deadlines for the Fundamentals exams as they are offered during eight months of the year.

Exam fees are as follows

Fundamentals of Engineering  $225
Fundamentals of Surveying  $225
Principles & Practice of Engineering  $350
Principles & Practice of Surveying  $350
Structural - Day One  $500
Structural - Day Two  $500
The fee for the Principles and Practice of Surveying exam includes the state specific exam.  A retake of the state specific exam portion only is $50. 

NOTICE TO VETERANS - all the exams have been approved by the United States Department of Veterans Affairs for reimbursment as part of their benefits program.  Please contact your local VA for further information.