Getting a Firm Permit

Any Business Entity which offers or provides professional engineering or professional land surveying services in Kentucky must obtain a Business Entity Permit (Sometimes referred to as a "Firm Permit") from this board.

Permits are issued on a Calendar Year basis and expire on December 31 of each year, unless renewed.  A renewal notice will be mailed prior to December 31 to each firm which has an active permit.  Permits may be renewed online.  An expired Permit may be renewed for up to one year following the expiration date by completing the online renewal form.  A late renewal penalty equal to ten percent of the renewal fee for each month, or fraction of a month that the renewal is late will apply.

Any permit holder which fails to renew within one year after expiration must apply for reinstatement of its permit.

Application & Further Information

A qualified Business Entity may apply for a Business Entity Permit using our online application.  Click the link below to go to the Online Application.

  • A single application form is used for all application types. Please ensure you are applying for the correct type of application (engineering, surveying or both; and new or reinstatement)
  • Any Business Entity which has an expired permit MUST file for REINSTATEMENT of that permit and not a new permit.
  • In addition to a Business Entity Permit from this board, a Business Entity may also need to register with the Kentucky Secretary of State in order to do business in Kentucky.

If you encounter issues with the online application, please fill out the paper permit to practice engineering application, Business Entity Permit Application - PAPER COPY (662 KB).pdf and submit it via email to Wanda Jordan at To pay the application fee:
     1. Mail or overnight a check, made payable to the Kentucky State Treasurer, to 160 Democrat Drive, Frankfort, KY 40601, or
     2. To pay by credit card, call the Board offices at 502-573-2680

Tax Compliance

Per KRS 131.1817, our Board provides information on licensees and permit holders to the Kentucky Department of Revenue for the purpose of tax compliance.  If you have questions regarding tax issues, please contact them at

Please Note the Following: 

Practicing engineering and/or land surveying without a Business Entity Permit is a violation of state law.

Separate permits are required for engineering and land surveying. A Business Entity may apply for both permits on the same application. 

To qualify for a Permit, a Business Entity must have a Kentucky licensed Professional Engineer (or Professional Land Surveyor, as appropriate) on staff who will be in responsible charge of the engineering (land surveying) services provided in the Commonwealth of Kentucky. If more than one place of business is maintained in Kentucky, a different Kentucky licensed Professional Engineer (Professional Land Surveyor) must be in responsible charge of the engineering (land surveying) work for each office and be located at that facility. A licensee who renders occasional, part-time, or consulting services to or for a business entity shall not be in responsible charge.
Permit Holders are required to notify the board within 30 days of any change in the principal officers, licensed professionals in responsible charge, and address (including all offices in this state). If you have changes to any of this information for any existing permit, please email

A Permit Holder wishing to change the name on its permit must contact the board at the above email address for a determination of whether the name change will be allowed or a new permit is required.

 All forms of Business Entities are required to obtain a Business Entity Permit.  This includes corporations, partnerships, limited liability companies,  professional limited liability companies, and sole proprietors operating under any name other than the name listed on his or her individual PE or PLS license.   The only exemption from the Business Entity Permit requirement is a sole proprietor practicing in the name listed on his or her individual license.

Relevant Kentucky Laws 

: Getting a Firm Permit